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Opening Day May 27th

It is here! Opening day of the Camas Farmer’s Market is tomorrow – Wednesday, May 27th, from 3:00pm to 7:00pm, in front of the Camas Public Library, on Fourth Avenue between NE Everett and NE Franklin.
Beautiful weather, a street filled with farmers/vendors, live music, kid’s activities and our chef connection starting at 4:00pm await you. The first week of market will bring plenty of starts and herbs for your garden. Produce may be light this week, but as the season continues the abundance of fruits and vegetables will grow. Come early, at 3:00pm, so you don’t miss out on the strawberries, rhubarb, eggs, lamb, hazelnuts and breads!
Kid’s Activity – Your kids will plant some seeds in an egg carton to take home and transplant in the garden. Urban Farm School will be available to answer your gardening questions!
Chef Connection – It is sure to delight!
Music – Al Maier,, will play most of the market, taking a break during the Chef Connection.
A quick run down of some of the farmers and vendors for May 27th: Draper Girls’ Country Farm – lamb, pork, dried apples, apples, pears Lacamas Lavender – honey, rhubarb, lavender, herbs, veggie starts, eggs Greenville Farms – hazelnuts, prunes, eggs Boones Ferry Berry Farms – strawberriesCamas Roots – starts, hopefully compost tea Twin Brooks Herb Farm – heirloom tomato plants, vegetable starts, herb plants, camas lilies Xiong Farms – tulips, irises, wallflowers, and many more flowersNature’s Choice – mushrooms, jams, eggs, cheese Hill Tree Farms – flowers Brun’s Baked Goods – french style rye bread, pain ordinaire, apple cake, chocolate cookies Paper Tiger Coffee Roasters – artisan roasted specialty coffee beansZabor Mexican Grill – homemade tamales, tacos, burritos, quesadillas Wurst Sausage Company – variety of homemade sausages Gumbo Goddess – cajun cuisine with a southern twist “Pop-a-Bak” – variety of fruit filled baklava and greek gyros
and Bill Baines, with Edge Master Mobile Sharpening, will have his van parked on NE Everett just south of NE 4th Avenue – bring your knives and gardening tools to be sharpened onsite at a reasonable price! You will not want to miss out on a fabulous opening day!

Do’s and Don’ts of Shopping at the Camas Farmer’s Market

Do find the market on NE Fourth Avenue between NE Everett and NE Franklin. The Camas Farmer’s Market is located between City Hall and the Public Library in beautiful Downtown Camas. The market starts on May 27th and will end September 30th. Join us each Wednesday from 3-7pm. Vendors will line the street with a variety of produce and prepared foods, increasing in number and diversity as the growing season progresses.
Don’t hesitate to ask questions. There is so much to learn at the Market! Vendors and farmers love to share their knowledge. Getting to know the people who grow and produce your food is part of the fun. You can discuss preparation, recipes and storage ideas, or gain some knowledge about a vegetable you’ve never tried, or even seen. The conversation could lead to sustainable or bio-dynamic farming methods! Another wonderful learning opportunity awaiting you at the market is cooking tips from the Chef demonstrations.
Do bring your own bags and baskets. Re-using plastics grocery bags for the produce can help reduce the 1 million plastic bags used globally per minute. Bringing a cloth shopping bag with shoulder straps will help keep your hands free for shopping. As you buy new items, make sure you protect your produce by putting the heaviest items in the bottom of your bag.
Don’t rush through. Take your time to browse, taste and compare the various products. Each week there will be new offerings as crops ripen. Browsing first allows you to plan your shopping to get the most out of your buying dollars.
Do take advantage of our new token system. We are excited to offer market tokens that can be purchased using visa, mastercard, discover, debit or cash. These tokens can then be used to purchase any items at the market and change will be given. Give the kids a token. They can choose and purchase some fruits and veggies on their own. They may be more inclined to eat the healthy items they picked out and purchased.
Don’t bring a list. You can never be too sure of what you may find, so shop without a list incorporating your treasures into your salads, snacks and meals.
Do shop early to get the best selections. There’s nothing better than strolling through a fragrant and colorful farmer’s market early in the morning. Alternatively, shopping late just before closing time can bring you some of the best deals, because vendors don’t want to take their wares back home. But this can be risky as the selection will be limited and some vendors may be sold out.
Don’t expect blueberries in May and cherries in September. The farmers at the market are all within 75 miles, giving you fresh, local and seasonal produce. To see what produce should be available each month, check out Remember, our weather has been unusually cold this year so please be patient with the initial availability. The best plan of action is coming to the market each and every week to see what new crops are available to savor.
Do plan to visit with friends and develop new relationships. Taking the time to cherish your community benefits everyone. Fostering relationships with local farmers not only helps our local economy but potentially increases the farmer’s profits by cutting out the middleman.
Don’t expect only produce and flowers. Even though the focus of the market is agriculture producers, the market will include bakery items, teas, pastured meats and almonds.
Do enjoy the benefits of nutrient dense produce. Buying local, seasonal and organic products will not only benefit your health, but our planet’s health as well. Eating fruits and vegetables that have one, or just a few days between harvest and consumption gives your body a higher intake of vitamins and minerals. Not only will your body thank you, but your taste buds will be thrilled with the amazing flavors of freshly picked produce.
Farmers’ markets have doubled from 1994 to 2006 in the United States. And for good reason. They celebrate community and our region’s bounty. Farmers’ markets simply are a fun way to spend a Saturday morning. We may go to the market for food, fun and community but we end up benefiting our health, the earth and the economy. Your purchases at the market support organic farming and improve your nutrition. Your food traveled an average of 35 to reach you rather than 1,500, reducing pollution and global warming with decreased emissions. Your food dollars spent at the market support your local economy and increases demand for a more sustainable food system. As the market starts the second season you have the opportunity to participate, keeping the vitality of downtown Camas growing and thriving. Make your Market your weekly stop for fun, food and friends!

Interactive Market Map

We are very excited to have an interactive map of the Camas Farmer’s Market up on our site. When you click on a stall on the interactive map, on the bottom left of the screen, you will see the vendor who will occupy that booth for the week you have selected (upper right corner of screen) and a list of the products that vendor carries (not all products will be there each and every week, depending on seasonal availability).
If you click on the product tab in the upper left hand corner of the screen, you can search for the product you are interested in, and the stall of the vendor that typically carries that product will be highlighted. Pretty cool, huh? Please leave your comments and suggestions for our interactive map!

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