Get to Know the Soap Chest!

Before starting her soap business, Gail Horn was an accountant, cook, chauffer, teacher, event coordinator, editor, a personal assistant and a home schooling mom! She started her soap business when she decided to make homemade Christmas gifts one year.  That was the beginning of her obsession of making hand crafted soaps. Many family members had suffered from dry skin issues like eczema, and she was intrigued by the prospect of making natural, moisturizing handmade soap that would soothe their skin and eliminate harsh additives found in commercial soap. After extensive research she launched The Soap Chest in the fall of 2000 and began selling the soap that her family had fallen in love with. She enjoys incorporating her own homegrown herbs and local honey and goat milk into her soap and experimenting with exotic oils and butters from all over the world.

When not busy making soap, Gail can be found reading, hiking, gardening, and traveling. Her  family has lived in Camas for years and  love working the land, growing and preserving their own food, entertaining friends and learning new things.

She remembers strolling through the Camas Farmer’s Market for the first time, and immediately feeling a sense of belonging that comes from a hometown community. She loves the opportunity to be part of this fun mid-week gathering in which people can not only pick up some local produce, but sit on the lawn in front of the library, listen to live music, and connect with friends and neighbors.

You don’t have to wait until the market begins to order soap from the Soap Chest, just visit their website and browse the many varieties you can order on line. soap chest