Dan and Caroline Swansey dreamt about starting a sustainable organic farm for a long time. Before starting our own farm, we worked as farm managers in California. We love everything about our job- it is our dream to do what we do. We love using sustainable, organic practices to produce food as it gives us confidence that it can be done. We love working with our draft horses, Bud and Charlie to plow the fields and use the manure spreader. We love lambing season when we get to see newborn lamb stand up after minutes of being alive. We love starting new seeds for a new growing season of producing a diversity of vegetables. There is also something so fun at watching our layer hens get excited when we move them to a fresh patch of pasture.

We like being at the Camas Farmer’s Market because they are focused on food products and thus the customers that come there are looking for good food of all types.

When we’re not busy farming we like to go running, hiking and exploring the forests and rivers around the area.  We have two young children who love the animals on the farm and their cats and one dog Moonie!

Come see us June 1st when the Camas Farmer’s Market opens for business!